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Hair Done By Me for Photoshoots 

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Price List 

Natural Dreadlocks Creation With Your Own Hair:

                  half head £200  2-5h

                  hair above shoulders £270  4-6h

                  hair below shoulders £390  6-8h




                  dreadlocks maintenance:

                  half head £100  1-3h

                  full head £140  3-4h

Handmade synthetic dreadlocks extensions:


Synthetic Dreadlocks Extensions with application in the salon

                 full head £200  2h

                 half head  £100 1h

Redone every 6-7 weeks (removing, brushing, washing and hair mask+dreads application)

                  full head   £160 4h

                  half head  £ 80 2h

Hair cut, ends £10 -15

Application(or removing) of one dread £2

One new dread + application £5

Price for dreadlocks without application:

(you can also buy - in salon or online HairGarage SHOP set of de dreadlocks for self application at home)

One new dreadlock cost £3

FULL HEAD 40 pieces of de - (double ended) dreadlocks for self application at home  £120

HALF HEAD 20 pieces of double ended dreadlocks £60


New set of de (double ended) braids £180   3-4h

Redone every 2-3 months cost £200

* (1st day removing, brushing, washing and hair mask, ends cut, blow dry) £100  4-5h

* (2nd day application) 4h £100

Doube ended braids means that the application  is the same as dreadlocks, and they are all ready done - I just plat them in to your hair using elastic thread tie together with your hair. You can redone them using the same braids few times. Double ended braids are good for all types of hair, specially for dark, thick or thin, long or short. Minimum length of natural hair for double ended braids should be 2,5 inches or longer.

Set of Box braids application £220  9h

                               removing    £100 4h 

Box braids means that we use loose synthetic hair and plat in to your natural hair create braids. You can keep them 2-3 months, after this time they have to be removed. Good for hair after bleach, blonde hair, long hair.



              Natural hair  £60  1h 

              Extensions   £60-£80- £100

Cornrows will stay on your hair up to 3 weeks.



Dreadlocks Gallery 
Braids Gallery

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