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Price List 


Handmade synthetic dreadlocks extensions:


Synthetic Dreadlocks Extensions with application in the salon

                 full head £180  2h

                 half head  £90 1h

Redone every 6-7 weeks (removing, brushing, washing and hair mask+dreads application)

                  full head   £120 4h

                  half head  £60 2h

Hair cut, ends £15

Side shave or fringe cut £7

One dread removing or application  £1.50

One new de deadlock + application £4.50

Price for dreadlocks without application:

One new de dreadlock cost £3

40 pieces of de - (double ended) dreadlocks - (full head)  £120

20 pieces of double ended dreadlocks (half head)  £60

You can also buy in salon set of de dreadlocks for self application at home:

* full set (40 de) £120

* half set (20 de) £60

* one de dreadlock £3



New set of braids £180  4h

Redone every 2-3 months cost £180

* (1st day removing, brushing, washing and hair mask, ends cut, blow dry) £100 around 4-5h

* (2nd day application) around 4h £80


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