Frequently asked questions about handmade synthetic dreadlocks :


Can I wash my dreadlocks in the shower?


Yes, you can wash them as often as you want  (for example after you use the gym), but once a week is usually enough. Use normal shampoo, or anti dandruff product which  will help clean dreadlocks and scalp better. If your own hair is longer than 4 inches, you can still use hair conditioners, but if its shorter, I wouldn't recommended it. Rinse your hair very well after shampoo or hair conditioner, use big towel and wrap all your hair, leave it for 30-40 minutes to dry and finish off with hairdryer.


Hi I was wondering if the application of the dreads will damage your own hair?


 Everyone has different kind of hair and condition, if your hair is weak or thin, I wouldn't recommend any extensions, but if normal - not too dry, not damaged and not too weak - girls have no problems, and hair grow nice and quick under the dreadlocks.

I plat dreadlocks into your natural hair, there is no glue, no micro beads, no keratin bonds.


How often do I have to re-apply my dreadlocks?


Every 6-7 weeks you have to remove dreadlock extensions, and if u like, put them back on. But if you leave dreadlocks for longer than 7 weeks - the gap between your scalp and dreadlock extension (root) will start to twist around and create natural dread. That's why regular redone and brush is important.


How long I can use my dreadlocks extensions?

You can use your dreads really long time, up to 6 months or even longer. (as long as they are regularly reapplied )

What lengths and colors of dreadlocks are available in the salon?

You can go for full head or half head or even few single dreads between natural hair. 

Any length and color is available from 10 - 24 inches in any colors: black, pink, red, yellow, orange, blue, white, silver, green, purple, lighter or darker, pastels or bright neon colors ... any ombre style or candy dreads. You can mix couple of colors all together and wrap them in another crazy color. Just create your own style and design, and have a good fun :)

Every time you reapplying your dreadlocks, you can buy new dreads, mix, or change colors.